Using 360Now™ it is easy to run 360 Degree Appraisals online. The System can be set-up and run by HR departments with minimal need for external input, although we provide associated HR services if required.

We used 360Now to gain a better insight of the strengths, weaknesses and balance of our team. I was impressed with ease of use of the process and clarity of the results produced and will be using the output to produce career development action plans for the individuals involved.

Don’t just believe us. You can be up and running on 360 Degree Appraisals online in minutes with 360Now, and are welcome to trial it with a couple of free users.

Getting started is as simple as adding a user, add their line manager, select appraisal and go.  Each action then prompts the next until you get the results.

360 degree appraisals with a clear purpose, clearly communicated to staff and a properly structured follow through process will be most effective. In the UK, we can provide help in these areas if you require.